The Many Uses of Impel

Written by NowayitsJ

Why Should You Use Impel?

Some of you may think, “Wow, Impel doesn’t give me immediate value or combat benefits, movement can’t have that much impact!”  Well in Mythgard being able to maneuver around the board is one of the most beneficial abilities you can have. It allows you to escape from your opponent’s big units, and most importantly, lets you be AGGRESSIVE with the mobility. In high ranks, most people usually use Impel, because if you don’t use it, your opponent will be able to punish your positioning even more so.

The only thing about Impel, however, is you need to alter your deck somewhat to make use of its power. For example, one of my most common uses of Impel is with Shinobi of Wind.  The opponent usually wants to put a minion in front of it to prevent it from getting a free proc on its effect off. So you use Impel on the shinobi and teleport it to an unblocked lane to use the proc anyway!

In this example, our opponent has blocked off six lanes. But thanks to Shinobi of Wind’s Teleport ability and Impel, we can teleport it to the unblocked lane and trigger its effect.

Shinobi of Wind can teleport to the far right lane and attack freely.

Lets take a look at another example, this time Impel is being used early into the game to cause an advantage.

Even as early as turn two Impel is being used to give advantage to my opponent.  Since he went first his Kolobok has the option to Impel and trade with mine, gaining a mana for himself and preventing me from gaining one.

This is massive lead this early on, and you may be thinking “Won’t I lose tempo by not playing a two drop?” No, since now due to the turn two Impel play you will be playing higher mana units than your opponent and gain tempo as well. Such as playing Shinobi of Winds while I’m playing a weaker two drop, and doing what I showed earlier to me.

Here’s Few Good Impel Targets

Cyclopean Giant is a very threatening four mana minion.  You could even say his ability to use Impel is… giant.  You can constantly make use of the Focused 5 ability by using Impel to always stay in front of the enemy.  Basically making him a 7/6 for four mana, which if you don’t know, is pretty crazy.

Rouge Vocaloid is by far my favorite unit, and she’s the beautiful gal who made me want to try out Impel.  She utilizes Impel in the same way as Cyclopean by staying in front of a target, but she also does much more with it.  If your opponent positions one space from Vocaloid, but is still in attack range, you can use Impel to move away from the unit and attack right next to the enemy unit, pushing damage to your opponent while her Blast 3 ability will hit the unit.  She can be very annoying for your opponent to deal with, but with the added movement she can be a nightmare.

It almost goes without saying that Shinobi of Wind is the best target for Impel. There are arguments to made that if you put Shinobi of Wind in a deck, that deck must use Impel. A very slippery threat for your opponent to deal with that can either control the board by shooting down your opponent’s minions or burn them by shocking for two extra damage every turn.

The Conclusion

Impel is an extremely versatile power that can synergize well with your units as well as punish your opponent for their positioning. It can dodge certain effects outright and even win you games single handedly. It is a power that rewards game knowledge and can be a nightmare for your opponent. I hope that after this you’ll consider using Impel as your power of choice.

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